Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Individual psychotherapy is the most recognised and established form of psychotherapy. It involves a single client and a single psychotherapist working, through discussion, to improve the well-being of the client. This is the core service that I offer in Brighton & Hove as well as online.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and are arranged on a weekly basis for a regular time. To begin with, I aim to run 4 sessions which conclude with a review. In the review we have a frank conversation about how the therapy is working, and whether or not I am the right psychotherapist for you.

As a client, your biggest challenge is in finding a psychotherapy relationship in which you feel you are able to be honest and trusting. Sometimes you may find yourself beginning work with a therapist with whom you simply don’t feel comfortable. I would advise you to openly address this with your psychotherapist, as they will be well aware of this possibility, and will realise that this is simply due to the combination of people involved, and not due to either the client or the psychotherapist as individuals. Should this happen with me, then I would work with you to find you another psychotherapist.

Once we have moved beyond the initial 4 sessions we will then work for as long as you feel is necessary. I will allow you to guide me as to the best time for our sessions to conclude, be it weeks or months later. On a regular basis we will talk about the possibility of ending, so that we can remain focused on our goals.

Individual Psychotherapy in Brighton & Hove

If you would like to arrange your first session of psychotherapy then please e-mail me at or call 07714 324542 to contact me. I operate out of Brighton & Hove as we;; as offering an online service.

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