Online Counselling

For many clients, Online Counselling provides a good alternative to face-to-face counselling. Firstly, you are given the chance to work with a therapist from anywhere in the country, thereby vastly expanding the range of therapists available. The second big benefit of online counselling is the great level of privacy that it offers you as the client. Finally, some find that the added level of separation between themselves and the counsellor can allow them to be freer and less self-conscious in their ability to formulate their thoughts and delve into their feelings. While this can forfeit some of the challenge of face-to-face work, it can be useful where there is a powerful need to simply express emotions and concerns.

Booking Online Counselling

Online counselling costs £50 a week and is conducted over Skype in 50 minute sessions. Video link is optional at your discretion. Session times are negotiable and can be arranged in any one of a number of regular spaces, availability allowing.

If you would like to arrange one or more online counselling sessions with myself, then please either ring me on 07714 324542 or e-mail me at

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