Duo-Counselling is a form of couples counselling whereby two therapists simultaneously work with you and your partner to try to resolve relationship problems. Duo-counselling is a more expensive, yet more effective form of couples counselling. Below is an introduction to the two counsellors and an overview of how duo-counselling might help you.

Both counsellors are trained couple counsellors and maintain an equal footing in the session. By having a counsellor effectively opposite each client, they are individually supported. The feeling that they have to compete for the validation of the one counsellor is removed.

Secondly, duo-counselling enables the counsellors to move between active and passive roles. By alternating between talking to the couple and sitting back and watching the relationship, the counselling is enhanced by the additional insights of these passive observations. Effectively, two counsellors are able to be far more perceptive than one.

The Duo-counsellors

Ciaran O’Connor

I was trained in duo-counselling some 3 years ago and have since been working with couples in various settings across East and West Sussex. I am primarily an Existential practitioner with an MA from the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Subsequently, I have also recieved training in CBT, TA and psychodynamics. Having practiced for nearly 10 years, I have now become a trainer and instructor in a number of psychotherapy schools. For a breakdown of my work please go to my background page.

Nicky Hitchcock

Nicky is an experienced counsellor working in Brighton/Hove and West Sussex; She works in private practice and is the founder and manager of one of the major providers of counselling/psychotherapy in the Southeast. Her additional training in psycho-sexual therapy supports her work with individual clients and couples. She provides regular training and professional development workshops including; working with couples and workshops on bereavement and working with bereaved parents. Commitment, enthusiasm and a sense of humour are qualities she brings to all her working alliances.

Nicky has taken part in several local radio and TV shows to talk about counselling, psychotherapy and other issues that impact on local communities. She was also involved in a nationwide TV campaign to raise awareness of the impact of childhood bereavement.

Duo-counselling in Brighton & Hove

If you wish to arrange duo-counselling for you and your partner then send an e-mail toinfo@counselling-brighton.co.uk or call 07714 324542 to arrange your first session. Sessions are offered in the Brighton and Hove area.

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