Working with a Client’s Digital World

Course Overview

  • 6 hour Course for Qualified or Advanced Trainee Psychotherapists

Counselling in the digital age

Course Goals

  • Bringing the client’s digital life into the counselling room.
  • Bringing the client’s gaming habits into the counselling room.
  • Reconciling with the idealized digital self and their actual self
  • Learn about the risks of internet use and gaming.

Increasingly our clients are living their lives online on social networks, playing video games and surfing information sites.

Ciaran O’Connor – a psychotherapist who also builds websites and has worked as a game designer – will be sharing his ideas as to how we can follow our clients into their digital worlds. We will be looking at the risks of being online, how it might be used more mindfully as well as what opportunities it offers to better understand ourselves in therapy.

This course if good for you if: you are a practising therapist who regularly sees clients that make frequent use of either the internet and/or video games.