Parent pulling addicted child away from video games

Managing Video Game Addiction: A Course for Parents

Does your child spend a great deal of their time playing video games? Do their gaming habits cause you concern? Are you simply not sure whether or not you should be worried about the degree to which your child plays games?

This course aims to address all of the above. It takes a look at what gaming addiction currently means, how we can recognize it, how we know when to intervene and the most effective ways in which to intervene. On a broader, more political level, the day aims to bring the role of games in today’s world into focus, along with our own attitudes toward them as a medium.

Ciaran O’Connor has developed this course over years of work in both the games industry and as a psychotherapist with young people who have struggled to manage their use of screen time. Author of 2014’s Control the Controller: Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction, he brings an up to date and nuanced approach to the subject that seeks to mend the systemic rifts in households where problematic and addicted gaming is present.

Course Details

Course TitleGaming Addiction: A Course for Parents
Current Dates4th of June 2016. If you are interested but can't make that date then please email as new dates are currently being planned.
Duration3 hours
Cost £65 (£50 including early bird discount if you book more than a month in advance)

  • A look at the causes of addiction

  • Understand the six criteria of addiction and how to recognise them

  • Explore our own attitudes towards gaming

  • Pragmatic tips for managing gaming addiction

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