Counselling for Children and Young People

Counselling is available for children and young peopleOur teenage and young adult years come with unique challenges – often made more difficult by the expectations we place on making the most of our youth. Very likely you have come to this page as a parent  concerned for the well-being of your child’s emotional health. This has either been gradually declining or has taken a sharp downward turn. You may well be that child and looking for someone who can offer some assistance when life feels harder than it should.

The Trials of Youth

Youth is a gauntlet of changes, many of them involving rites, exams and challenges that can prove both stressful and upsetting. Getting your qualifications, leaving home, discovering sexuality and choosing your direction in life are all massive concerns that largely happen to us all at the same time. It is quite common for  people at this stage of their life to find themselves experiencing depression, anxiety and, more commonly than many would think, psychosis.

The previous generation can simply never fully know what it is like to be a young person in a world that has changed considerably from how it once was. Right now young people are saturated in technology and celebrity like we’ve never seen before. The combination of constantly being in touch with others and the media-inflated expectations we place on one another makes it an easy world in which to feel like you’re not good enough.

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a place in which all judgements and expectations are suspended. You are given the room to get to know your self under the guidance of a professional whose main concern is getting to know what it is like to be you. This can help you in coming to terms with difficult feelings that are arising from you, or it could be used in a more focused way to help you overcome a specific issue..

Counselling in Brighton & Hove

I am a male psychotherapist and counsellor working with children and young people for nearly 15 years now in a range of capacities, including running youth groups, event planning, working the phones at Childline and, in the last 10 years, working as a psychotherapist. Much of my work has been with adults over this time, though increasingly I am working with younger people as I make my way through an MA in Child Development. As a result of my training status, I only see children aged 12 or over in private counselling. If you would like to find a therapist that works with a younger age group, then don’t hesitate to contact me and I will put you in touch with someone.

Alternatively, if you are a parent of a young person in distress I offer a parent consultancy service in which we have a detailed look at your situation and how best to make improvements. This could be as a single session to check in and get some strategies, or alternatively as a series of sessions aimed at understanding and altering family dynamics that might be causing difficulties.

From these consultations we might decide that the best option is for your child to have individual counselling, or even for you to seek out a therapist, such as myself, to see as a family. Most importantly you will come away with a positive direction to move toward. Click on the button below to find out more about this service:

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If you would like to discuss an initial session with myself in order to see how I might be of service to you or your child then either click the button below, email me at or call me on 07714 324542. I offer counselling in Brighton & Hove as well as providing an online service.

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