Below is a list of articles have been written by myself. Some have been published, some are more recent. All of them provide an insight into my way of working and can hopefully shed light on various forms of mental well-being and distress as well as how therapy can be beneficial.

Predicting Happiness and Unhappiness: A Skill We Never Master

Abstract: This article looks at our pre-occupation with the future and the powerful range of feelings that we experience as a result – from intoxicating excitement to deepest dread. These emotions stem from how we think we will feel should certain conditions be met. Studies suggest that we are generally wrong in these predictions, yet we continue to plough huge quantities of emotional effort into this forward thinking.


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How the World Responds to Disability and how Psychotherapy can Work with the Arising Difficulties

Abstract: This essay is about the relationship that people, both with and without impairment, have with disability. It is not an attempt to make judgements about the treatment of the individual with a disability in society today, but a look at how and why they are treated the way they are treated, by both themselves and others. Towards the end I will look at some of the ways in which psychotherapists carry this forwards in their work with disability.


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How You Play Your Game: Using Game Design towards the Betterment of Mental Health

Abstract: This article describes my journey through two very different worlds, the world of gaming, in which I work as a game designer, and the world of mental health, in which I work as a psychotherapist and trainer. This article considers some of the ways in which the former has informed and shaped my understanding and practice of the latter.


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Indecision: 7 Deadly Thoughts

Abstract: Major decisions are often referred to as ‘reaching a crossroads in one’s life’, which is a poor motoring analogy. They would be better considered as life’s roundabouts – merry-go-rounds of approaching exits, panicking, flapping maps, shouting at satnavs, and finally passing them by until the next miserable orbit. Most of us will, at some point, find ourselves on the roundabout of indecision. This is a web article which encapsulates some of the ideas that have emerged out of my research and work with clients in a state of indecision.


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Excessive Gaming: What it Looks Like and How to Respond

Abstract: Most likely you are reading this because a loved one has been spending increasing amounts of time playing video games and now seems estranged and unhappy; perhaps you are that very gamer and want to make a change. This article addresses excessive gaming – what it looks like, its causes and some ways in which we can overcome it.


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Existential Psychotherapy Exercises

Overview: Here is a collection of exercises, aimed for therapists to use with either themselves or with clients. All of them are existential in nature, exploring the givens existence in a variety of different ways. Some of these exercises have been created by myself, others are well established in the field of existential psychotherapy.


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