Originally an image describing the illness of FibromyalgiaCertain situations trouble you so much that you will go to great lengths to avoid them; perhaps it is a social anxiety, a severe phobia of something very particular or a general nervous dread of the future. A good portion of the brain is dedicated to the task of predicting how we will feel in any given situation – sometimes these predictions can becomes cripplingly negative. If these begin to limit your ability to appreciate what is happening here and now, or are preventing you from taking part in life, you are probably suffering from anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Below is a list of some of the symptoms associated with anxiety:

  • Dizzy spells and/or panic attacks
  • Irregular bladder/bowel patterns
  • Irrational fears
  • Excessive worrying
  • Trembling
  • Sleeplessness/little or no dreaming
  • Irritability
  • Palpitations
  • Sweating

Counselling for anxiety through psychotherapy consists of two parts:

Firstly, we can carry out short term work to help you overcome anxiety that is immediately affecting your health and wellbeing. Much of this involves a full exploration of your fears in a safe environment; we can begin to take a rational view of thoughts that are being governed by powerful and irrational feelings.

Secondly, once your life is more under your control and the worst of the anxiety has been contained, we can work to discover more about the reasons for your feelings. In most cases we will find that things are not what they seem – most of our anxieties are the result of us redirecting a deeper and more child-like fear onto something more superficial and, in many ways, less scary. Psychotherapy and counselling provide the setting in which you can discover and make good use of these hidden truths.

Counselling in Brighton & Hove

If you would like to book in for counselling in Brighton & Hove in order to work with anxiety then email me at or call 07714 324542 to arrange your first psychotherapy session. I also provide online counselling for those who would appreciate the increased privacy or are unable to access the practice.

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