UntitledThe actions of others seem to regularly trigger anger or violence from you. Your relationship, your marriage or maybe your work has become jeopardized by your outbursts and you feel that you are unable to do anything to stop them. Your behaviour has become a ‘bad habit’ that you or someone close to you is constantly working to suppress – as a result you’ve lost sight of how to usefully employ this fundamental and vital emotion.

Anger Management Therapy in Brighton & Hove

Much of the therapy  will centre on learning to control your anger. While this may seem an impossible task at the beginning of counselling, an exploration of certain aspects of your life will undoubtedly change this. More than likely, anger has worked for you in the past, and may even be working well for you now. By starting to understand the benefits and the drawbacks your behaviour brings into your world, we can identify what is a positive use of anger and what is not.

If you would like to book in for counselling in Brighton & Hove in order to work with anger then mail me at or call 07714 324542 to arrange your first psychotherapy session. I also offer sessions to clients online via Skype.


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