A behaviour of yours that was, at one point, a pastime, a coping-strategy or a hobby has now become compulsive. So much so that other areas of your life have become limited by it. You feel like you can’t stop and that you have lost all control of the habit.

Addictions can come in as many forms as there are behaviours. Some behaviours lend themselves to this better than others. You could be addicted to gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, video games or even reading. If the behaviour has begun to damage other key areas of your life, such as your marriage, your work or your social life, then you are probably addicted.

Addiction Counselling in Brighton & Hove

Existential Psychotherapy takes addictions within the context of your life. Much of our work will be exploring other avenues of your world and then finding out how they relate to your addiction. Addictions are a failure to enjoy a pleasurable activity. Someone with an addiction to online gaming is not having a genuine engagement with the game. They are moving away from something else in their life. Only by approaching the total picture of your life can we start to discover what motivates you away from engagement and towards addiction.

Existential addictions counselling is not about you completely stopping the behaviour, it is not about describing how bad a problem it is and it is not about us spending week after week looking at how close you are to giving up your addiction. The premise of existential counselling is that the decision is yours to make. Through the therapy, you will be given help through a more complete picture of the needs that have fuelled your addiction.

If you would like to book in for counselling in Brighton & Hove in order to work with addiction then email me at or call 07714 324542 to arrange your first psychotherapy session. I also offer counselling online.

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