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I am an accredited, male psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and counselling to adults and young people in Brighton & Hove. My site is designed to introduce you to my service, explore whatever issues you are going through and help you arrange  either counselling or psychotherapy.

I make it a goal to ensure that every client that contacts me finds their way to a counsellor that meets their needs. This may be me, or it may be one of the many other counsellors that I am connected with across the South of England.

About Me

I have been working as a psychotherapist for 10 years now. I was originally working as a management trainer before qualifying as a therapist. My education focused on philosophy – this has led me to take up existential psychotherapy – a method that I hope you will find as exciting and as challenging as I do.

I trained initially at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, where I received my MA. Since then I have gone on to begin a second MA in Child Psychotherapy with Terapia. As a counsellor I have worked with Sussex University, Surrey University and am currently in the middle of a project with Brighton University. My background in training has led me to deliver courses to trainee counsellors and those with an interest in promoting mental wellbeing in others.

While I work with a wide range of client groups, I feel that the issues that I suit best are those around bereavement, disability, change, adolescence and OCD. Due to another career I used to have in game design, I am also an appropriate counsellor for anybody that spends considerable time online, social networking or gaming. In order to make myself as accessible as possible to clients I also offer online counselling. Finally I provide couple counselling in the form of duo counselling, whereby I work with another therapist, Nicky Hitchcock to restore balance and health to your partnership.

If you’re looking to find counselling or psychotherapy services in Brighton & Hove then contact me to arrange an initial meeting. You can mail me at, call/text me on 07714 324542 or press the button below to fill out a contact form.

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The cover of my book: Control the Controller; Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction

Controlling the Controller: Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction

In this examination of videogame addiction I use my own unique story as a vantage point from which to come to terms with the mind-set of the addicted videogamer; offering guidance as to how to bring about a positive change in behaviour. The book has just been launched in October 2014 with Free Association Books.

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